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PhD and Postdoc positions are regularly open in the group. German knowledge is not required. We are particularly looking for applicants with good pencil and paper skills for analytical calculations. Applications will be considered immediately. Please get in touch with for further information.

General info:
Erlangen is a small city in Middle Franconia, in the northern part of Bavaria, Germany. A bike-friendly city (Fahrradstadt) with a very good standard of living, Erlangen belongs to the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, one of the strongest economic areas in Germany. Together with Nuremberg, it is home to the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (FAU) Erlangen-Nürnberg, the third largest university in Bavaria. The Physics department is located in the southern campus, just 15 min from the city centre by bus or bike.

Closest airports: other than the nearby Nuremberg airport (NUE), the Munich (MUC) and Frankfurt (FRA) international airports can be reached by train or bus respectively in ≈2h30min and ≈3h.